Using Arms:
Applicable Level:
Attributes/Gen Type:

They are always symbolized by the spirit of wind that shows rapid changes. They always seek for something new, and live with positive and cheerful mind. Their facial expression always presents vivid and solid energy, and they make all surrounding people happy as well. They put agility as the platform of their ability as force of wind is their mastery, and uses items that controls air current freely. Some of them who are highly talented create lightning and thunder, and also creation and control storms.Their mysterious divination for attacking a wide range of area takes important role in the rear part of the battles, and they are regarded as the leading hermits who cooperate with the Noble hermits. Their role as a merchant to provide with items that are acquired through journey is also important.anship that is combined with mysterious divination. Their self-sacrifice never hesitates to help any companion who is in trouble.

Awakening at Lv.30

Available at your class master in liberty haven.