Gate To Heavens upcoming update ! 25-03-17 2 pm gmt +1

-Level cap 75.


A Gonryun tournament with reward will be the 25-03-17

Dear GTH community,

Valentine's day pack will be available from 13-02-2017 until 17-02-2017.



"this offer will be on from 13-02-17 until 17-02-17 "

Rose Pack 16€

x30 x10 x1 x1 x1 x1


x30 experience potion, x10 ressurection "other" potion, x1 beautiful potion, x1 mysterious Stone, x1 Sage Stone, x1 Wedding Ring.


Gate To Heavens upcoming update ! 17-02-17 2 pm gmt +1

-Level cap 60.

-New hermit skills.

-New maps.

-PK system.

The 1st Gonryun Tournament with reward will start on Saturday 11/02/17 at 8:00 pm GMT+1!!

A Gonryun Tournament will take place today at 8:00 pm GMT+1 for the fun and in order to test if everything is working!(No rewards).





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