Dear players, 


due to the dips in player numbers and the associated, missing community based revenue, we are able to run our server for about 3 more months. As a result, we will close the server once the budget is used up.





- Ui improvements, cleaner, fresher look
- 9x Armors are patched in. Received a new look and are craftable
- some drop adjustements about the crafted armors and weapons


- Adjustments on the premium store (Items/prices)(added a lot of items)

- You can also trade premium stuff

- Lvlcap increased to 100

- New maps to explore (Breine, Abandoned Corridor, Du'na)

- EXP and Drop rate increased

- Attackspeed cap increased to 2200

- Transformation Spirit Sorcerer transformation lasts 20 minutes now

- Attackspeed weapon option will be available for Knight of Wandering and Defensive Spirit Sorcerer

- Several chooseable rewards for events like tourney's, invasions etc.(List will come soon on website)

-Added quest mirror for Breine

-Added quest mirror for Abandoned Corridor

-Added Earth Hermit premium hair style to Beauty Potion

-Added crafting recipe for Uphwa

-Added crafting recipe for Lightning Stone

-Added crafting recipe for Blaze Stones

-Added crafting recipe for Lv.100 Weapons

-Changed crafting recipe for Lv.120 Weapons

-Decreased Card drop rate to prevent clutter and balancing

-Increased the chat box size vertically

-Changed crafted weapons to always have 2 slots

Patch Note 25-03-17

- Level cap increased to 75.

- New maps opened.

- New Stronghold.

- Tweaked economy system for better pricing.

-Decreased monster respawn time.

Patch Note 17-02-17

- Level cap increased to 60.

- New maps opened.

- New Skills unlocked.

- Pk system activated.

Patch Note 16-02-17

- Monster cards changes (lots of cards have been nerfed, we have added more cards to the game)

- Mirror quest have been fixed